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ProActive Performance offers a range of training programmes and seminars for elite and professional athletes, junior athletes, teams, coaches and other sport and health professionals including its Speed Academy and Elite Sport training programmes.

Speed Academy

Speed is the weapon all opponents fear. In many sports the ability to unleash explosive power to accelerate, decelerate and rapidly change direction can open up space and kill off opponents. Many coaches still believe speed is down to natural talent, but it is actually a skill that can be learned.

ProActive Performance delivers sport specific speed training designed to help athletes move quickly, with balance and precision, giving them a competitive edge and reducing their risk of injury.

The range of training includes speed camps for individual athletes and teams, and the Future Champions Speed Academy for young athletes.

"Scientific studies have shown that athletes who participate in speed and strength training programmes are 88 per cent less likely to injure their ACL."

Speed Academy Camps

Sport specific Speed Academy camps are aimed at individual athletes or teams of all ages. They look at useful techniques including speed specific warm-ups, straight ahead speed, multi-directional agility and speed specific body conditioning.

Speed Academy camps are held at various venues across West Yorkshire as continuous open age training, or taster camps for young athletes under 18 years old.

Speed Academy camps are ideal for sports clubs and schools looking to move their team to the next level.

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Future Champions Speed Academy

Many experts view 12 to 18 years as the ideal age for athletes to set the foundations for speed, strength and power. The Future Champions programme helps young athletes achieve maximal improvements in athleticism at this crucial time of their development, using our cutting-edge long term athlete development programme.

It is designed to:

  • Improve speed, strength and agility
  • Develop a foundation of all round athleticism
  • Maximize a young athlete's long term potential
  • Decrease risk of injury now and in the future
  • Boost self confidence

The speed academy has two different levels for young upcoming athletes.

Future Champions Level I

Aimed at athletes aged 12 to 14 years, the programme focuses on the fundamental skills of accelerating, sprinting, stopping, changing direction, jumping and balance. This helps achieve permanent athletic change and progresses and maintains athletic movement.

It also introduces bodyweight strength and stability training to benefit the young athlete by:

  • Focusing on movement techniques with increased force to maximise potential
  • Reducing the chance of injury as the young athlete naturally increases in height, weight and strength by improving joint integrity

Future Champions Level II

The typical age range for this group is 14 to 18 years, when athletes have developed neuromuscular patterns and the fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power.

This program fine-tunes athletic technique and optimises performance. It provides a competitive training environment and focuses on the repeated application of learned athleticism to create mastery, resistance to fatigue and mental toughness.

The programme develops:

Linear Speed: Using ProActive Performance's innovative straight ahead acceleration and top speed running techniques.

Change of Direction: Developing agility, deceleration and the ability to move quickly in any direction.

Speed-specific strength: Introducing formal strength training techniques designed to impact sport specific movements.

Keep up to date on information regarding camps in your area via facebook.

For more information or booking contact ProActive Performance.

Team Training

ProActive Performance's Team Training is aimed non-league field sports teams such as football, rugby, hockey, basketball, netball and lacrosse. The training is tailored to the specific requirements of the team or club. It can include assessments including electronically timed speed and agility tests with video analysis, one off 'taster' sessions providing useful speed development techniques, or regular weekly or monthly sessions.

Team Training is designed to help coaches get the most from their players. It can improve a team's chances of success by identifying any areas of weakness and providing sport specific training to unleash their true potential.

Most players think that simply practising their technique will help them make the starting line up. But having a strong foundation as an athlete is the key to maintaining success on the pitch. Missing any of these vital components such as speed, strength, endurance or mental toughness will limit the level a team can reach.

Increasing your team's athletic base through the Team Training programme can help players reach and sustain a higher level of performance.

To excel at any sport you need to be fast strong and resilient to injury.