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How Fast Can You Stop?

A common trait amongst the world's top sports people is their ability to create time and space by stopping faster than their opponent. Just think of Jason Robinson, Zinedine Zidane or Michael Jordan. Mastering the art of rapid and efficient deceleration creates a competitive advantage and is the cornerstone to coaching multi directional speed and agility. Most hamstring, groin and thigh strains, and ACL's occur under deceleration. Learning how to stop quickly and efficiently is a major key to preventing these injuries.

ProActive Performance's innovative seminar, 'How fast can you stop' is designed for serious football, rugby and basketball coaches, sports conditioning coaches, athletes, personal trainers, teachers and allied health professionals. It looks at:

  • Why deceleration training provides the biggest return in team performance
  • How to test your players in a field setting
  • Effective drill progressions used by ProActive Performance on youth to elite players
  • The mechanics of deceleration and why the body compensates
  • Using your mobile phone for more effective coaching
  • Devise simple and effective strength programmes for your players
  • Improving a whole team's movement skills

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To excel at any sport you need to be fast strong and resilient to injury.