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To excel at any sport, you need to be fast, strong, and resilient to injury. Fine-tuning your performance will unleash your potential and improve your competitive edge.

ProActive Performance helps athletes reach their potential with sport specific speed training to improve their movement. By maximising an athlete's ability to move with speed, power, balance and precision, their technical and tactical performance improves.

Many professional athletes and junior stars of the future from football, tennis, rugby, golf and other sports have been amazed at the marked improvement made to their game by training with ProActive Performance.

ProActive Performance delivers:

  • Future Champions Speed Academy for 12 to 18 year olds
  • Bespoke training packages for teams and individuals
  • Educational seminars for athletes, trainers and coaches
  • Elite athlete out-season preparation and sport specific training programmes.

The company was set up by strength and conditioning coach Rob Gascoyne, who has pioneered an innovative training approach that enables athletes to become faster, stronger and less susceptible to injury.

ProActive Performance - Unleashing potential through sport specific speed and performance coaching.


"If this type of comprehensive speed and movement training had been available when I was playing I would have been on it in a flash, looking to get an edge when I come back for preseason."

Brian Noble, Manager of Crusaders RLFC
Former Head Coach of Bradford Bulls and Wigan Warriors
Former GB Rugby League Captain

"Out of contract and plagued by calf, ankle and hamstring injuries for the past three years, I was written off. ProActive Performance's out-season programme was all about movement quality and speed. My tests show I am stronger, faster and ready to impress at pre-season."

Chris Brandon 34
Professional Football Player

"Since working with Rob I've been able to make the changes in my swing my coach wanted and added 15-20yards on my drive...the Golf England physio says I've never been in such good shape."

Cameron Hutchinson
England U18 Golf Player

"After 13 weeks on ProActive Performanc's speed programme, I reduced my standing 10m sprint by 0.1sec and added 7cm to my vertical jump."

Tom Goodyear
Football Coach and Star Performer in the Men's Health/ Lucozade Sport Power Challenge 2009

To excel at any sport you need to be fast strong and resilient to injury.